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Til death do us part.


”You really have a fixation on this contract don’t you? Do I need to remind you why it failed or you got all written in your memory you fucking dillweed?” You huff loudly when he calls you out for not finishing the job the last time. Of course you didn’t you were interrupted by him. What an ass to put the blame on you again and again. It’s clearly the only thing he has against you, because the rest is absolutely pristine.

And this was the only time you failed a contract, much to your dismay, it had to be this asshole who asked for it. He’s never gonna let you live it down isn’t he?

when he shoves his feet in your bath water, you are quick to frown at him. What the hell is he doing? If he wants a bath he can jump in, not just let his nasty feet get the warmth. You sigh at him and reach a hand to the bridge of your nose.

”I might not be staying here for too long either. I met a nice tyrian who’s interested in me and invited me to stay with him.”

You chuckle at her reaction to your little foot antics and slip into the bath fully, resting your arms back against the rim of the tub as you relax against the wall and sink in as far as you can before you touch her.

As soon as she mentions the tyrian, however, your smirk falls and your jaw goes slack.  A sickly feeling blossoms in your chest and for a moment you’re not able to place the name of it.  It’s jealousy.  You’re immediately disgusted with yourself for feeling it and try to mentally force it away.  You?  Jealous? What a joke.  What did you have to be jealous of?  The fact that someone else is interested in Salace?  That shouldn’t make you jealous.

And yet here you are, sunk down in the bathtub with her, unable to smile, that cold feeling blossoming through your chest.  You sink farther down into the water, pulling your knees up and tilting your head to stare at the ceiling.  ”Oh.  Well cool,” you say, trying to sound casual and not give yourself away.

D) How long have you been working at your current job? What is it?

((Spun the wheel and it looks like Kelpie is answering this one.))

Well, I got multiple jobs, kinda.  I mean technically I am in FCON first and foremost but hey, girl’s gotta make money right?  So I run a little repair business on the side when I’m not deployed and stuff, y’know.  I’m pretty damn good at workin’ my way around a gun so I figured yeah, let’s make some extra cheddar fixin’ up guns.  One thing led to another and now I’m also kinda a wholesale ammo supplier.  Trust me, man, if I had known how much business shit was involved, I might’ve thought better of it.

But like I said, FCON comes first.  Ain’t gonna let these amazin’ gun skills go to waste.

Two of my friends/followers have the same icon and it fucks me up every time.

i'm a nerd so 1 and A for Lauffy and Fos

1) What inspired your character?

  • Laufey: At her most basic level, Laufey was inspired by a mix of Loki from the traditional Norse myth, and the Marvel universe.  (Much more so the former than the latter.)  From there, I just knew I wanted to build her up as a villain.  Before Laufey, I didn’t really have villain characters that I put a lot of work into, or really cared about.  She was my first try at making a villain that mattered to me, that held significance.  Clearly it worked, as I’ve kept her around for years.
  • Fosetr:  Originally he was meant to be an anti-hero type offset to Laufey, so his more base level inspiration was Baldr.  However, Fosetr quickly grew into his own character completely separate from Laufey.  I still think of him as an anti-hero, but he’s more on the ‘I try my best but my own problems get in the way a lot’ type now instead of the ‘I work for good but through dubious means’ kind.

A) What inspires you to be who you are?

  • Laufey: That seems like a ridiculous question.  What inspires me to be myself?  My wants, desires, and goals, obviously.  What person is not inspired by these things?  You should’ve thought about this better.
  • Fosetr:  Many things, but I suppose they all boil down to simply wanting to be better.  Better than I was in the past, better than I am now.  However I need to facilitate that, that is my inspiration.
Laufey: E and F.

E) What do you think one of your best traits is?
My intelligence, clearly.  I am vastly superior to most of my racial counterparts, which makes me a valuable asset, to my kind, and our allies.  Intelligence is a far greater weapon than strength.  A strong being may be able to power through obstacles, but an intelligent being will always be able to create something stronger.

F) What do you think one of your worst traits is?
Oh, sweetheart, I do not have bad traits, let alone a worst.

Kelpie: C.

C) What’s a pet peeve of yours when it comes to other people?
Oh my god dude, where do I even begin?  Uhhh how about when people fuckin’ assume shit just based on like a passin’ glance or quick talk or whatever?  Yeah that right there pisses me off like there’s no tomorrow.  I could rant for hours on that, but you don’t wanna hear that, trust me.  You know what else is annoyin’?  When people don’t fill out forms right. Next form I get that ain’t filled out proper, I’m just tossin’ it in the trash.

You.  Would not. Believe.  How much paperwork garbage there is.  In my line of work.

9 for Kelpie. AS IF I DIDN'T KNOW.

9) What is something you’d like to see happen to your character?
GOSH you know I am always up for watching her experience war and be emotionally scarred by the cruel nature of battle, while simultaneously proving to people that she is strong and capable and a valued member of whatever effort she applies herself to.

I’d also like to see her make more friends.

One thing?? That's a tight leash there. Hmmm. Okay, I'll address types of hotness. Desya: kicked puppy cute. Kelpie: traditionally cute but also ripped. Chanan: scars. Satedi: knows she's hot and knows you know she's hot. Madiraska: chiseled and partly robotic. Selkie: tough exterior with freckles. Laufey: is a dragon with a nice head rack. Lovex: a robot who ponders the morality of the Dominion Madlox: trans male robot who works with what he has.

'Kicked puppy cute' is not a phrase I ever thought I would hear, haha.

Desya: L) What is something you hate doing? Kelpie: M) If you could change anything about yourself, what would you change? Chanan: G) What do you look for in a friend or partner? Satedi: I) What is something you want out of life? Lovex: B) What is a major concern or worry in your life? Madlox: K) What is a hobby of yours?

  • Desya: Well, as much as I love the collection I’ve painstakingly built in my home… I hate cleaning it.  There is just… so much stuff to work around and re-position and… it’s quite a process.  But a museum must always look presentable, so it must be done.
  • Kelpie:  Oh hands down I would wanna be taller, yeah.  I mean like, I like who I am and all but do you know how hard it is to be taken seriously sometimes when you stand up to people’s crotches?  You know how many shitheads think I can’t even wield a rifle?  It’s bullshit man.  So, yeah.  I guess it’d be cool to be… eh, six feet tall.  That’d get the job done.
  • Chanan: Hmmm… you know, I’ve never thought that much about it.  Well, someone nonjudgmental, obviously.  That’s the only thing I really care about.  A passion for stories is also excellent.  But how can you not love a good story?  How can anyone?  What a boring life that would be, not being able to appreciate a good story…  Oh, supportive, also.  I suppose that is an important thing to have.  Being able to sing is a lovely bonus.  Of course, I can sing for a chorus, so it’s hardly a requirement.  I’ll gladly take a passion for singing over any real talent for it.
  • Satedi: Mannn, I jus’ wanna live a good life, y’know?  I don’t care how, it’s jus’ gotta be good.  And really, life already feels pretty good!  Guess I’m doin’ somethin’ right, eh?  Hahaha.  If you aim f’r a good life, ever’thin’ else jus’ falls into place.
  • Lovex: There is… one concern weighing, um… very heavily on me at the moment.  However, I do not really… feel at liberty to speak of it.  It doesn’t exactly… feel safe to do so.
  • Madlox:I greatly enjoy reading.  Fiction is generally petty, but it is surprisingly enjoyable to partake in.  I have a separate datachron completely dedicated to fiction.
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