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Violence, Gore, Cannibalism, Sex

be a phoenix. burn the past, restart anew

It’s hard to restart when you lack almost every resource to do so.

The thing is, no matter how many times people tell me otherwise, I can’t help but think I’ve ruined my own life. I wasted everything I had and destroyed every chance of getting it back.

I can’t seem to stop wallowing in my own self-hatred and feelings of doom.

Are any of troll Chanan's scars even somewhat erogenous? What about aurin Chanan?

Honestly I don’t think any of his scars in either incantation are.  I’ve never had a scar that feels sensitive (all mine are even less sensitive than the rest of my body) so I have a hard time imagining that any of his are any different than that.

Do you think Chanan did anything about his ears prior to surgery? I remember you saying he wore armor for his chest, but idk what you could do about ears. Hats???

His ears were huge prior to surgery so doing anything with them was difficult.  To put it into perspective, I made a version of Chanan using the female aurin character creator:


Honestly, with ears that size, he didn’t really have an option to hide them.  He just had to grit his teeth and bear them until he was able to get them reconstructed.

That was the part of himself he felt the most self-conscious and dysphoric about, really.


Mork and I spent several hours playing as Kelpie and Cirrin yesterday and got them to 15.

I’ve been feeling super cruddy for a while so it’s been hard for me to do much of anything outside of play games to cope. I don’t know how to break out of it…


Been playing Chanan the past two days because I felt like it.

idrawboobs said: have you tried watching videos? not reading, but seeing it happen in realtime/timelapse? ive learned from that a lot better than reading text tutorials.

Yes, I watch videos and go to the livestreams of artists I admire when I catch them on and I still can’t seem to figure it out…

Can’t sleep so lying here thinking about art and realizing how amazingly little I actually know about drawing and outlining and coloring. The worst part of it is I just don’t know how to learn the skills I see other people use. No matter how many tutorials I read, I just don’t seem to get it.